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    "Green" Battery
    Our products have certified by SGS, in full compliance with...
    HP Alkaline Battery
    Our alkaline batteries may provide the high output power...

        Corporation introduction

        Ningbo Fubang Battery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise that set of battery energy R & D, manufacturing, sales as one. She’s formed by Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd. (www.sonluk.com), GP Batteries International Limited and Ningbo Sonluk Holding Group Co., Ltd..The company was founded in May 2006,with a total investment of USD 15million,a registered capital of usd4.5M,is specializing in the production of LR6,LR03 high-grade mercury-free alkaline manganese batteries,the company has 4 international level automatic production lines, with an annual production capacity of the battery 800 million.

        Since the inception of our Company, we adhere to the mission of market developing, customer service and society contribution,and always implement the business philosophy of "human technology,quality first,focusing on management,realistic and innovative",to establish the idea of " Promoting industry with quality ",to develop high-quality products and provide excellent service with great enthusiasm, constantly striving for perfection and self- transcendence.

        Our company adheres to the spirit courageously fighting of the parent company Sonluk Group,is indomitable,make every effort to strengthen quality control,make development with technological progress,to establish a complete set of scientific management for their own development model.

        Company to implement the EU ROHS Directive,product certification by SGS,in full compliance with environmental and safety requirements of Europe and North America on the battery,the company passed ISO9001 certification in July 2009,the production of "Fullwin" alkaline battery has high quality and reasonable price,the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries;Besides, in the battery industrial markets,we produce a number of productions those are trusted by a lot of famous brands domestic and foreign,as accessory products of other electric equipments.Company and product grow quickly and gain a good reputation in the industry.

        · Size AA,LR6,AM3,HP Battery/4S
        · Size AA,LR6 ,AM3,SV Quality/4S
        · Size AAA,LR03,AM4,HP Battery/4S
        · Size AAA,LR03,AM4,SV Quality/4S
        · Size AAA,LR03,AM4,4pcs/card packing
        · Size AA,LR6,AM3,4pcs/card packing
        · Size AAA,LR03,AM4,6pcs/card packing
        · Size AA,LR6,AM3,6pcs/card packing
        · Size C,LR14,AM2,2pcs/card packing
        · Size D,LR20,AM1,2pcs/card packing
        · Size 9V,6LR61,1pc/card packing


       ·Sonluk Battery
       ·China battery industrial association
       ·Yinzhou investing and Pioneering Center
       ·alibaba Trust Pass net

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